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Our eLearning Training Modules Are Used in More Than 200 Healthcare Organizations.

MiH continues to expand our web-based, eLearning modules. Most require just 30-minutes of training time, but the impact is long lasting.

Each eLearning module is designed for deployment to your LMS. You pay for 1-3 years of usage and train as many people as you want. Sometimes, off-the-shelf is close, but not exactly what you need. That’s why we include customization in every module for you.

Our eLearning Modules:

  • Ask Every Patient: REAL
  • What is REAL and Why Do We Collect It?
  • Ask Every Patient: REAL Manager’s Training
  • Ask Every Patient: REAL Data Auditing for Managers
  • Addressing REAL Disparities In Hospital Readmissions
  • Build a Foundation for SOGI Empathy and Communication (Released June 2018)
  • Build Language and Skills that Welcome and Affirm LGBT Patients (Released July 2018)
  • Create an Affirming Service Environment for Transgender Patients (Released August 2018)
  • Implicit Bias, How to Identify and Resolve It (Released July 2018)
  • SOGI Data Collection (Released December 2018)
Audience: Registration Staff
Seat Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Patients Assigned…Prior to TrainingAfter Training
a race69%99%
an ethnicity41%97%
a language59%90%

REAL Training

More than 200 hospitals and thousands of registration staff have taken our race, ethnicity, and language (REAL) training. With proven results.

Our training is not only effective—it’s efficient. Our REAL training takes a mere 20-30 minutes of seat-time. MIH eLearning modules are designed for deployment to your LMS. You pay for 1-3 years of usage and train as many people as you want.

Sometimes, off-the-shelf is close, but not exactly what you need. That’s why we customize modules for you.

Ask Every Patient: REAL Training Courses


Most hospitals collect race, ethnicity, and language (REAL) data. But how well is it collected? How consistent? How useful is it to drive quality improvements? Often when organizations are ready to change, they find the data is not usable. Too many patients assigned ‘unknown’ or ‘unavailable.’ That’s bad data.

This MiH training helps you get it right. Not only will patients be assigned REAL data consistently, it will be more accurate.


Teach staff to assist patients in self-reporting their race, ethnicity, and language (REAL) preferences. Your staff will also learn how their registration skills benefit patients and healthcare organizations. In the end, they will be more comfortable and effective at collecting REAL data.

Course description: 

Our automated eLearning module is now in its third edition, with improved, vibrant graphics and audio to help reach more people in more ways. It was designed for people working in healthcare organizations where REAL data is collected at the point of registration.

Your team will see why guessing or making assumptions results in too many mistakes. Guiding patients to self-report is more effective. Staff will learn that how we ask questions matters too, and the training teaches people when, how and what to ask.

In addition, your staff will learn best practices for putting patients at ease and collecting accurate REAL data. With reminders to show compassion and warmth when collecting patient information.

The results are positive, and they’re proven. Help your team be more successful, and help your organization take a step toward healthcare equity.

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Training from MiH

Our three-part series provides you an affordable, efficient starting point for training across your hospital. We know you may also be concerned about implicit bias, so we created a training for that too.

MIH eLearning modules are designed for deployment to your LMS. You pay for 1-3 years of usage and train as many people as you want.

Sometimes, off-the-shelf is close, but not exactly what you need. That’s why we customize modules for you.

SOGI Module 1:

Build a Foundation for SOGI Empathy and Communication

Audience: Healthcare Administrators, Quality and Performance Improvement Advisors, Nurses, Providers

Seat Time: 2 30-minute segments


In two engaging 30-minute segments, this Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) eLearning module can enlighten your management staff. It helps healthcare professionals expand conceptual understanding, recognize trends, and improve communication. Your team will learn SOGI terms to help patients, families, and colleagues feel more comfortable and confident.


Help your providers and managers grasp the challenges the LGBTQ community faces when seeking care. Then give them the vocabulary and techniques to meet people who are culturally different in a compassionate way to advance health equity.

Course description: 

The training begins with nomenclature. Knowing the terms—and using them properly—is key to forging an open culture that welcomes all patients with dignity and respect.

Managers and providers will also learn SOGI issues in care. This includes eye-opening facts and statistics about care disparities facing the LGBTQ community as well as how small changes can create big improvements.

Through the use of scenarios, the training raises cultural consciousness. To this end, we explain the multiple facets of sexual orientation and gender identity including sex assigned at birth, culture and gender expression as well as binary and non-binary viewpoints.

To help you foster an affirming environment, we cover how culturally and linguistically appropriate language can make all parties feel more comfortable and understood.

SOGI Module 2:  

Build Language and Skills That Welcome and Affirm LGBT Patients

Audience: Registration staff, medical assistants, nurses (some hospitals may want to use this training across the organization)

Seat Time: Approximately 30 minutes


Treat all people with dignity and respect. It sounds simple, but it requires training and practice, especially when confronted with someone outside our comfort zone. This eLearning module helps your frontline team learn to welcome LGBT patients and become comfortable and confident.


This course makes clear the consequences of good or bad service with LGBT patients and their families, including potential legal repercussions. There is an emphasis on SOGI vocabulary needed to perform well on the job. And it prepares your staff to react effectively and in an affirming way to different or difficult situations.

Course description: 

Your hospital has one opportunity to make a positive first impression. Registration and frontline staff interactions need to go well. Especially when the patient may expect bias. Met with respect and sensitive language, all people will feel welcome. That’s the focus of this course.

Terminology and how to use it is a key to better communication and mutual comfort with the LGBT community. We cover concepts and language of sexual orientation, gender identity, and usage. The training also covers legal topics of marriage equality, civil rights, and confidentiality.

Situations matter. Patients are often stressed when they arrive—then confront an unfamiliar process. If your staff is flustered or annoyed, a small thing can spark a fire. Staff need preparation to respond well, to speak and behave in a calm, compassionate, and understanding way. They can become (and see themselves as) caring guides rather than form fillers. This training is the first step.

SOGI Module 3:

Create an Affirming Service Environment for Transgender Patients

Audience: Registration staff, medical assistants, nurses—and staff in transgender clinics

Seat Time: Approximately 30 minutes


Transgender and gender non-confirming (TGNC) people face so much discrimination and abuse that being defensive can be a survival skill. Especially in a clinical setting. So it takes extra effort from your staff to respond with calming compassion to foster an affirming environment. When your hospital provides this advanced training from MiH, they’ll be ready.


Make clear the importance of treating transgender and gender non-conforming patients with respect and dignity. Define the terms associated with TGNC as well as drive home key legal and policy matters. Assure staff know how to respond in a culturally responsive manner.

Course description:

Patient health and safety—what can be more fundamental to healthcare? But uninformed or even accidental behaviors can make a patient distrustful. That can result in lower quality of care. Much depends on your staff being aware, sensitive, and culturally agile to establish and maintain a receptive, caring environment.

This training builds on the other two SOGI eLearning modules from MiH to deepen the learner’s lexicon, expand empathy, and hone behaviors. Learners practice multiple scenarios to develop concrete skills that help them respond to a variety of situations to assure an affirming environment.

Our three-part SOGI training series recognizes that it’s hard for people to move beyond their cultural affiliations. And people do it at different paces. MiH trainings emphasize the qualities of human beings—to help your staff understand and appreciate others. Using this method, people see how they can make a positive contribution which brings about a real and positive change in attitudes.

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Create an Affirming Service Environment for Transgender Patients

Audience: Providers, Managers, Staff

Seat Time: Approximately 50 minutes

Implicit Bias Training from MiH

Implicit Bias, intolerance, workplace harassment—we live in a sensitive time, a time of contention, change, and challenge. How your hospital providers, managers, and staff speak and behave can dramatically impact human interactions – including those with patients. Is your team ready?

MIH eLearning modules are designed for deployment to your LMS. You pay for 1-3 years of usage and train as many people as you want.

Sometimes, off-the-shelf is close, but not exactly what you need. That’s why we customize modules for you.

Implicit Bias, How to Identify and Resolve It.


An eye-roll, a sigh, a judging tone can trigger far-reaching effects on a patient’s experience. With our Implicit Bias eLearning module, your providers, managers, and staff will learn to recognize implicit bias and mitigate language and behaviors. Take this step toward being more culturally responsive.


Understand how identities shape the way we view ourselves and others. Learn how bias influences healthcare quality, access, and outcomes. And develop techniques to reduce bias, improve interactions, and elevate care delivery.

Course description: 

As our country continues to become more diverse, healthcare professionals and hospital staff need to become more agile and adept at dealing with people of different races, ethnicities, languages, and sexual orientation. To do this successfully means understanding our own implicit bias and growing beyond it.

We start with awareness and understanding of ourselves—how to see our implicit bias even when we didn’t think it was there. Then we discuss the bias of others to develop empathy.

Our scenario-based training digs into how biases influence healthcare access, quality, and outcomes. The data is shocking—and compels providers to seek change.

We teach people practical techniques, such as perspective-taking, emotional regulation skills, and partnership building. These reduce stereotyping, manage behaviors, change interactions and, ultimately, improve care delivery.

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Flexibility to Meet Your Unique Requirements

Customizations include but aren’t limited to changes such as:

    • Adding more categories than the 5 minimum race categories and 1 ethnicity category that make up the Office of Management and Budget standards
    • Changing certain language to accommodate your staff
    • Showing system-specific screen shots in order to train staff on how to enter the data into your specific system
  • Voice over additions

Module Customization

Many organizations can use the our eLearning modules just the way they are, making it especially useful for those who are just starting to implement a robust effort to collect reliable data or train staff. But some organizations want to provide unique staff training.

Our customization program begins with a project analysis to determine your objectives. You will then work directly with one of our best-in-class instructional designers who will take your project from initial storyboarding all the way through to final quality assurance testing. It is a cost-effective way to forge a custom training solution.

We work with you step-by-step to deliver a unique, engaging, and robust eLearning program.

Once the module has been tested and approved by your team, we work with your training and development staff to make sure the module seamlessly integrates with your Learning Management System.

After implementation, we help your team track training outcomes and make recommendations for further training or other interventions to achieve the outcomes you desire.

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