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REAL Training for
Registration Managers

Ask Every Patient: REAL Managers Virtual Instructor-Led Training is a live, interactive session focused on teaching managers how to coach their staff on REAL data collection and the effective use of job aids. More Inclusive Healthcare’s proven training is specifically geared toward helping Registration Managers create a robust REAL data collection program.

Participants will utilize eLearning module job aids to answer job-specific questions, respond to surveys, and to follow along in the participant guide. Our REAL scenario-based learning helps managers diffuse difficult situations and teaches the importance of auditing for quality assurance. We combine leading training instructors with experienced subject matter experts to engage, teach, and motivate your team. And it’s conveniently delivered to your manager’s computer monitor via our Go-to-Training platform.

Call today and ask about adding Ask Every Patient: REAL Managers Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

Customize Your
eLearning Module

More Inclusive Healthcare understands you have unique REAL data collection needs so we designed our Ask Every Patient: REAL module to adapt. Our best-in-class instructional designers can add race and ethnicity categories, modify language, show system-specific screen shots, and add voiceovers.

Our customization program begins with a project analysis to determine your specific data collection objectives. We then work with you step-by-step, taking your project from initial storyboarding all the way through to final quality assurance testing. Once the module has been tested and approved by your team, we work with your training and development staff to ensure the module seamlessly integrates with your Learning Management System.

Call us today and learn how we can customize your Ask Every Patient: REAL module for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.